AFRICA80: This truly is…History in the making


On so many levels the Africa80 book is a mammoth step of faith and courage for the 80 authors who penned chapters. From Cape to Cairo and many African cities in between, young leaders of this generation took it upon themselves to write their views, hopes, visions and experiences of Africa, as Africans.

This book represents the new Renaissance for Africa’s children. Born as an idea during the 25th Annual World Economic Forum on Africa Summit in Cape Town South Africa; 80 young Africans who work in different spheres and industries, from 30 different African countries took to the project like a house on fire.

This book speaks of leaders of who take action and collaborate. Leaders who in their own communities create spaces of growth and change and healing, and yet they have come together to create and collaborate.

The power of this book lies not only in its words, it lies in what it represents. A young leadership in Africa that is accountable, hardworking, and willing to collaborate to create the Africa they believe in. The power of this book also lies in the impact it will have on the generations after us.

The book says that; “We are here, and we believe in our Continent.” It also communicates that as young leaders we do not take the seat that we have at the table for granted, and that we do shy away from creating the ‘new table’.

The book will be launched on the 25th of May in Sandton. It will not only be a book launch, but this day will mark the launch of the Africa80 Foundation. The Africa80 Foundation is about creating a networking platform for young leaders to identify partners for future collaboration beyond the launch event.

The Global Shapers community, the  Africa80 Foundation and authors of the Africa80 book, ask that you partner up with us on this historic event.

We are inviting 100 young leaders to apply to be at the launch so that they too can experience the power of collaboration.

Closing date for all applications will be on the 14th of April 2016.

Hope to see you there.