Socio Political Vagina

You know… I know some intelligent women who are strong, purposeful and hard working. These are women who give back, teach, mentor and lead. Women who take risks so that life can be better for many.

It pains me to see that ever-so-often (And this is me being diplomatic) when they need a helping hand, the men in our communities expect them to prostitute themselves for that help.

You need a bursary and someone reminds you that you have a vagina.

You need a mentor, back to your vagina.

You need start up capital and again your vagina.

Why can’t the men in our spaces lift us up without having to look down at our vaginas.



Don’t worry…Judas hangs himself.

‚Äč”You don’t need to hang Judas, Judas hangs himself.” Dharius Daniels

I have been feeling rather low this week. I’ve been feeling like fighting someone or something or like I am ready for a fight all the time. It’s part frustration and part helplessness. Sometimes I just feel like I give it my all and yet I still fall short. But that’s the thing about God. Nothing we do ever falls short. Judas was always up to no good, undercover. He was stealing from the disciples stash, and he did worst by selling out Jesus. 
Let’s take a minute to consider this. Jesus was the greatest minister and intercessor of ALL time. He was and still is 100% God whilst being 100% man; with one word from His lips Judas would have been no more. He would have been dead. He would have been forgotten. But that’s the lesson. He didn’t. He didn’t fight Judas, He ministered to him and let him be. And Judas took care of himself. 
Let’s ask God for discernment this week, so that we know who the Judas’ are, not so that we can obsess about their presence and existence but so that we patiently minister to them even when they continue to choose destruction. 
But more so let us ask for the courage it takes to trust God with each Judas, so that we are not caught fighting the battles that the Lord has already won for us.
May you find peace knowing that even with Judas and his ill intentions, God’s will was still made manifest. So even with the enemy, his best shot will still not keep you from being all that God has destined. And his demise is guaranteed.

Building authentic interracial relations

This is an article that was written by an exceptional mind in my generation. A beautiful woman who embodies the strength and compassion needed to change lives.
This article was orginally published by independent newspapers (IOL).

I do not own the rights to thus body of work. I do however believe it makes for a great read.!/article/building-authentic-interracial-relations-1.1836446

This article is a real reflection of the intricacies and complexities that we have to deal with if we ever want to build the rainbow nation that we speak of.