Sleeping with the enemy


Sometimes having someone to hold you at night, is holding you back from your dreams.

People have become to comfortable sleeping with the enemy. Sleeping with the one who is keeping you from your purpose, your destiny, your greatness.

Being with the wrong person is a burden to some of you. Leave. So that you can be free to be who you were born to be.

#RealTalk #PartersshouldalignwithDESTINY


Get back up!

What a way to walk into a new week…fighting.

I place my relationships above all things, even to my own detriment. But it’s something that I have been consciously working on. Over the past few weeks I have had my fair share of disappointment in this regard, as I failed on some days and other days it felt like I was being thrown under the bus by those I care most about. But… there was hope and as I was seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, when peace was washing over me, I got yet another serving of darkness.

The irony is, that’s how life generally works. Just as you get up, something always comes and knocks you right back off your feet and in one sweeping moment your mouth has the powdery taste of the dust as you hit the floor face first.

But it’s the tenacity to keep trying to get up that will make an extraordinary person out of you.


Devote yourself to getting back up this week. Over and over again. Fight to keep daring greatly.