100 Happy Days: days 5/6/7

Okay so I’m catching up… Feels like this way will work better for me.


Day 5/100
On Saturday I was grateful for the beauty and experience of contrasts. The day was filled with many forms and levels of contrast. I went from being confused to being certain, from not having a seat at the Nelson Mandela Lecture to having one of the best seats in the house. From early mornings to late nights. From watching young people use music to fuel toxic highs to being on an emotional high from experiencing Pops Mohammad and his band perform live.  On Saturday I saw the intricacy of diversity of life and opinions at play. And I was grateful.

Day 6/100
On Sunday I was grateful for failed plans. I had my Sunday perfectly planned. I was going to church and then to a birthday party. It all went pear shaped. But because things went belly up I ended up experiencing weird and wonderful things. On Sunday I felt like a gracious adventurer. If such a thing exists. Blind faith moments all the way. But that could only happen because I let go of what was supposed to happen and took in the joy of the present. And for that I am still grateful.

Day 7/100
Today I am grateful for Chumani Bontsa and Alvin Nyika. Shucks. Purpose flows through these gentlemen. But so does God. They have an awesome way of reminding me that God is mindful of his children. They also keep reminding me that being a crazy dreamer is the only way to live. Its such a blessing to have people who are not intimidated by my crazy. Instead the support it, and see the value in it. We measure our crazy by how many lives ,being ourselves, can change for the better, not by how many likes we will generate on social media; and it has been liberating. I love you gentlemen very much. Thank you for your continued presence in my life.

#100HappyDays #Gratitude


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