You are the light

The reason so many of us are obsessed with becoming stars is because we are not yet starring in our own lives. The cosmic spotlight isn’t pointed at you, it radiates from within you,

Marrianne Williamson

I was on television for most of my childhood and teenage years. I’m what you call a “child star” (not a term I appreciate at all) and though I have spent a greater part of my life with the spotlight on me,  it has taken me years to realise that my light comes from within.

I have very recently started investing myself in philanthropic work which has led me to meeting awesome global change agents. Young men and women who spend their lives trying to improve the quality of life that other people experience. We change-agents like to meet and discuss the muddy terrain of the agent life;) and every now and then we have fun together.

On one those fun occasions I saw the internal light that Marrianne speaks of, as a friend of mine (who is also a global change agent) danced. It was as if the light was following her but because this is not a movie, we all know it wasn’t. I was just moved by her ability to dance so freely and with such energy and presence.

As she danced I saw her beauty, joy, courage and in her movement where her vulnerability became her strength. Her confidence allowed me to see her light. I saw her and not the burden of her purpose. I could see her and it moved me, revived me actually. It was transcendent.

It wasn’t just the fact that she was dancing that tugged at my heart it was the realisation that she was all that she could be in that moment, present and unhindered.

It’s easy to believe that people are moved and inspired by what you do but the truth is people are moved by who you are.

Be who you are… that’s where the light will come from.
image This piece is an ode to my good friend Amukelani Mayimele a woman who I believe will live to change the world with her light and love. Thank you.


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