I have a vested interest.

She said it all. She said it well!

Tenure, She Wrote

Inthe fourth grade, I was obsessed with marine science and sonar technology, and I’d spend Saturday afternoons watchingThe Hunt for Red Octoberinstead ofSaved by the Bell. Thatsummer, Itoured a Navy subin dry dock– my first time! –and I asked the officer leading the tour when we’d be going to the sonar room. “Sorry, kid. It’s classified,” he said. Masking my disappointment, I replied that it was okay, because I was going to be a sonar technician when I grew up, and I could wait until then. “But they don’t let girls on subs,” was the officer’s surprised reply, ashe looked at me as if I’d sprouted horns. When Iasked why not, he told me I wouldn’t want to be stuck on a sub with a bunch of smelly guys anyway. My “Then…why aren’t there submarines for just girls?” got no reply.

So, I have a vested…

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