Crippled by fear


Feeling so crippled by fear right now… I don’t even know why and of what… Failure? Rejection? Mediocrity? Yes, no, maybe?

You know… I have never shared the  url to my blog with my friends because I’ve waiting to write something refreshing, something fiercely original, or just very moving. I have always thought that I had insanely profound things to share.

As an orator I have moments where I’m so chuffed with the levels of depth and insight that I can share… As a writer… not so much. Totally sucks.
Though I remember that the blog was meant to be a vlog. I really haven’t been moved to record anything ‘profound’ or even ‘exciting’. Its like all my great moments come in or during conversations. Especially those deeply personal and confidential ones. The kind that shouldn’t be aired. #cries

Courtesy of:

It feels like I’m trapped…But I’m doing it to myself. I’m holding back. At the expense of my creative expression. Oh Lord please help.

As I surrender…


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