Why Mbete must step down as Parly Speaker

Since watching the state of the nation address last week, I strongly agree with some of the points made in this article. I believe that Baleka Mbete should step down as the speaker of parliament. Her inability to remain impartial, not just to the EFF, but also to other opposition parties has rendered her incapable of doing her job, add to that her inability to keep calm in moments of tension. As the Speaker of Parliament one of her greatest tasks is that of a mediator, and she is not doing that either. The state of the nation allowed ordinary South African’s to see the consequences of her inabilities.

The sad thing is that, she is more that able/competent to fulfil her role, but her misplaced loyalty is marring all of that. Instead of serving the nation. She’s serving a few, who don’t have the best interests of the nation at hand. It saddens me that she can’t see that.

After all that she sacrificed for the freedoms that we have… She is now squandering it all. Question is; why is it worth it for her?

Akanyang Africa

Baleka Mbete’s cockroach comments were wrong, ill-informed, and should not be uttered by anyone, including, and especially someone who is occupying her position: Speaker of Parliament.

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