Ignoring problems is NOT Honor.

He said it all…

Disrupting Culture

Every single day, without fail, I receive email that thanks me for dispelling fear, for empowering women, for destroying legalism, or for modeling healthy leadership. I also regularly receive hate mail (for example read some of the One Star reviews of Raptureless on Amazon).

I have adjusted to the hate mail. I understand that fear creates anger and anger creates hate mail. As old false teachings are being demolished, there will be those that cling to the sinking ship and are angry at me for telling them to abandon ship.

The group that is the most challenging are the ones that like some of what I say but struggle with other things I say. This love/hate relationship is very challenging to navigate. I want to encourage everyone into truth and freedom, but sometimes people get stuck somewhere. I know I am stuck some places, but I want to keep moving…

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